Schedule Change:


In regards to the CET/Jump Alberta portion of the Harvest Horse show. Please see attached schedule to note the classes have now been moved to the Silica outdoor arena.




Amberlea Meadows is committed to providing a safe and fun experience for all of our visitors especially in consideration of the coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions. From everyone here at Amberlea Equestrian Centre, we thank you for your support in following protocols as the health and safety of our clients, staff and community is important.


In conjunction with local, provincial and federal recommendations and mandates, Amberlea Meadows has implemented the following guidelines and protocols found in this plan. We have taken into consideration the size of the property, the number of attendees, and have concentrated our efforts and protocol requirements in the areas that cause the greatest challenges for social distancing- our show office, stabling area, warm up area and hitching rings.


☑️ Masks and Social Distancing:


Masks: Must be worn at all times anywhere on the grounds, including the stabling area, unless mounted. The only place this is optional is at individuals’ RV sites. All campers must remain with their own cohort at their respective camping spot. Any interactions with other campers must be masked. Please bring your own mask(s) with you.

Social Distancing: Social distancing of 6 ft will be enforced. Warm up rings will be monitored for social distancing. Congregating at areas such as the hitching ring will be discouraged. Gate personnel will have physical barriers in place to limit their proximity to competitors. Courses will be posted online, eliminating the need to congregate around course posting board


☑️ Symptom Free:


Any person with known or suspected symptoms of Covid-19 or who have been exposed to a person with symptoms of Covid-19 (cough, shortness of breath, or fever) should arrange for testing and follow self-quarantine protocol as set out by AHS. Any person displaying symptoms will be removed from the grounds and not allowed to return unless they are able to supply a current negative Covid 19 test result.

Trainers/owners should have a support plan for any member that is denied participation at Amberlea Meadows due to medical concerns. That plan must include transportation arrangements to immediately remove the individual from the show grounds.


☑️ Stabling:


Stabling allocations will be posted online and will be done with spacing and exits in mind so that each barn will not be stabled facing another barn, or walk down another barn’s aisle if possible. Horses must have confirmed stabling prior to arrival.

Social distancing will be enforced in the stabling areas. Stabling areas will be strictly limited to competitors and essential personnel.

Masks are mandatory in all barn areas unless mounted on a horse or actively eating or drinking.

Please bring your own tools and tack to eliminate any unnecessary sharing of equipment (hoses, tack, forks, wheelbarrows).

Competitors should regular sanitize their bikes, golf carts, vehicle door handles, stable doors, bucket handles and equipment, including tack, grooming, feeding and stall cleaning materials.


☑️ Warm Up and Show Rings:


Any trainer entering and/or exiting a warm up ring must use hand sanitizer.

Warm up rings will monitored. All people must exercise social distancing.

Anyone in the bleacher area must exercise social distancing rules.

We will have numerous staff ensuring compliance to social distancing rules are adhered to around rings, barns and grounds.

Your partnership in the successful implementation of our Covid 19 policies is critical to Amberlea Meadows being able to host events in a safe manner for everyone. We thank you in advance for your continued mindfulness and practice of these guidelines.